Tenuta il Bosco is located in the Oltrepò Pavese zone, in the
Province of Pavia in Lombardy. It has been making a name
for itself over the last decade by producing exciting, highquality
sparkling wines. This has been possible thanks to the
recognition of the Oltrepò Pavese as the birthplace of Pinot
Nero in Italy. Pinot Nero’s reputation as essential for highend
sparkling wines, as well as incredibly fine and elegant
reds, does not come, however, without its share of challenges.
This variety is very unpredictable in both the vineyard and the
cellar. However, the finished product can be truly remarkable.


Varietals: Pinot Nero, Croatina and Pinot Meunier.
Name: The translation of Tenuta il Bosco is ‘Estate in the forest’.
Location: The estate is located in the village of Zenevredo in the Oltrepò Pavese DOCG zone of Lombardy. The estate has 152 hectares including 120 hectares of planted vines.
Elevation: 100m. – 200m. above sea level
Soil: The topsoil is composed of chalk and clay over a layer of marl.
Climate: Mediterranean climate, 4°C – 5°C in the winter and 30°C in the summer
Training System: Guyot or Spurred Cordon.


Tenuta il Bosco is located in Zenevredo, a small town in the Province of Pavia. The history of viticulture in Oltrepò Pavese dates back to the time of the barbarians, whose originals can be traced beyond the River Po. Over the centuries, claims to the lands have been disputed between some of history’s greatest powers: France, Spain, and Austria. Eventually the region fell under the reign of Maria Theresa of the House of Habsburg, who ceded the area to the crown of Sardinia. In 1987, the Zonin family acquired the estate. They have since taken great strides in revitalizing local varietals and developing elegant and crisp sparkling wines, which have earned Oltrepò Pavese numerous accolades.

Stefano Ferrante