Wine Tasting

service-tastingWine tastings are great opportunities for promoting and stimulating the knowledge of Italian wines.

Along with the description of winemaking processes and sensory evaluation of the wines selected, our staff/wine educator will take the audience trough a virtual trip aimed to discover Italian regional culinary tradition, geography, history and culture relating to the wine, as well as giving guidelines and advise on what to look for and how to describe wines.

A wine tasting could be a rather formal event or an easy-going experience with friends, a corporate event or a meeting for a private group.

Usually wine tastings include between 6 to 8 different wines and can be customized proposing either different wines produced in the same region or wines from various Italian regions.

We do have a great passion for wine and this is the reason why we are willing to share our long term experience with you and your customers. We are available and keen to help you with your wine tastings in order to make them enjoyable and successful!

Staff Training

service-staffZonin UK offers a variety of programs designed for wine distribution, retail or hospitality sectors, all dedicated to the training of service staff in order to increase wines knowledge and raise the level of customer service and customers satisfaction.

These programs will help your organization to improve wine sales revenue, wine selection and wine management.

An investment in wine alone can take time to return, but an investment in wine coupled with staff training can give a business a strong competitive edge and develop loyalty through satisfied clients.

Give your staff the ability to be the expert when recommending wines!

Wine List Design

service-designAre you a restaurant owner or a restaurant manager wondering how to improve your wine list, but have no idea where to start? Are you thinking of providing a ‘wines-by-the-glass’ program, but need to learn more?

At Zonin UK we have the experience and know-how to assess your needs and provide a personal and preliminary evaluation of how to revise your current wine offerings to incorporate better priced wines, current trends and your menu.

For more information on this service and a free consultation, please email or call us: Tel. +44 (0)20 89404943.

Wine Ambassador

service-ambassadorFor major events and important occasions, Zonin UK can rely on Lorenzo Zonin support. Lorenzo is a member of the Zonin family who embodies the role of Wine Ambassador of Zonin Family’s Estates. With his deep knowledge of our wines Lorenzo will be able to communicate to our partners, distributors and consumers, the values of Zonin Family and Zonin Group.

Our motto “From the vineyards to the glass” summarizes what we are and what we do, and explains clearly what makes Zonin UK unique in the UK wine industry as it provides added value to its customers directly from the producer.