Recioto di Gambellara DOC Il Giangio


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Recioto di Gambellara DOC Il Giangio


Recioto di Gambellara DOC Il Giangio


Podere il Giangio, Gambellara DOC.


100% Garganega.

Type of Soil

On the hills that dominate the Gambellara basin. The terrain, marked by slight acidity, a sandy texture and a rich content of minerals, originated over the course of centuries through alteration of volcanic rocks. The reduced fertility of the substratum enables the vines to maintain a natural balance between vegetation and production.

Training System

The Veronese pergola.

Plant Density

3,000 vines per hectare (1,215 an acre). The average age of the vines is 16 years.


60 quintals of grapes per hectare (2.67 tons an acre).

Vinification and Maturation

After the harvest, the grapes are subjected to drying for 4 months in appropriate rooms that are dry and airy. The fermentation of the dried grapes after pressing occurs at a controlled temperature of 18° C. (64° F.). Maturation is carried out in 7-hectoliter (184-gallon) barrels of oak of the Allier for 10 months and is followed by a further 12 months of fining in the bottle.

Alcohol Level

14% vol.

Bottle and case size

6 x 0,5l


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