Cabernet Friuli DOC Aquileia

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Cabernet Friuli DOC Aquileia


Cabernet Friuli DOC Aquileia


Cervignano del Friuli (North Eastern Italy).


Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon.

Vinification and Maturation

Following removal of the stalks and pressing, the must is placed in rotating horizontal fermenting tanks, where the skins are delicately macerated. Once the fermentation has been carried out, the wine is racked into oak casks of large capacity, where it matures and fines.


Intense and brilliant ruby red.


Pleasantly full and fresh with outstanding fruitiness and an appealing grassy vein.


Dry, slightly tannic, full bodied, generous with a good balanced and a pleasantly lingering finish.

Serving Temperature

It is best appreciated when served between 16 and 18°C (62-68°F).

Food Combinations

It can be served during a whole meal, although it matches particularly well cold cuts, tasty pastas, roasted or grilled meat and moderately aged cheese.

Alcohol Level

12.5% by volume.

Bottle and case size

6 x 0,75l


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